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How do I choose a competent contractor?

We know, you’ve heard all the stories that read more like a horror movie about people who have hired contractors and had a horrible time. There are ways to ensure your project is successful. Follow these simple steps to picking a competent and qualified contractor.

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Home Builders Blitz

Home Builders Blitz was the first national Habitat for Humanity build partnering professionals in the home building industry with Habitat for humanity affiliates to build houses across the nation.

Home Builders Blitz involved more than 1000 professional builders in 130 locations across the nation and built 459 homes for deserving families.



Andover Equity Builders Assembles A Team To Help An Elderly Disabled Man Stay Safe In His Home.

Andover Equity Builders identified an elderly, disabled man who needed help remodeling his bathroom. We assembled a great team of Vendors and Subcontractors who donated their time and materials to help us with this project. Together this team was able to redesign the bathroom to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. Many thanks go to:


  • handicappedbathroom4Bay State Disposal, Windham, NH
  • Centennial Plumbing, Londonderry, NH
  • Cornerstone Electrical Services, Salem, NH
  • Merrimack Tile, Derry, NH
  • Ocelco Medical Supply, Brainerd, MN
  • Peabody Plumbing Supply, Peabody, MA

“We were concerned that my Grandfather would have to be placed in a nursing home because he was unable to safely use the bathroom. We were unable to make the necessary changes. Andover Equity Builders came to the rescue! They redesigned the room and made it ADA compliant. Their team was great to work with and best of all PaPa got to stay in our home! Thanks for everything Andover Equity Builders.”

-Rebecca McNulty, Derry, NH.

Merrimack Valley Magazine Article: “Always Room For One More”

 PracticalMatterspageone2Always Room For One More:  

Are you caring for both your elderly parents and your children? Take heart: you are part of the 44 percent of American adults between the ages of 45 and 55 who belong to the ‘Sandwich Generation.’ As a result of better health care, the number of people over the age of 60 has increased to 355 million, according to the 1998 census – that’s a 281 percent increase since 1950. As Baby Boomers age, responsibilities for the next generation increase accordingly. Parents in need of care often turn to their children for help. Many American homes are now teeming with three and four generations all caring for each other and working together to make ends meet.

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